Journey: Life Narrator

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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Big World by Tim Winton is a short story about the emotional journey of a young man and his implausible best mate, Biggie. The story illustrates the concept of journey by using first-person narration of the main character. After failing their exams the best friends take to the road in a prehistoric Kombi van for the omnipresent journey of discovery. It is set in the Western Australian small town of Angelus. It does not have the bright lights and interruptions of the city, nor the rural comforts of the country. People live out their lives either in the meat-packing plant, the trailer park or the dying fishing industry. Throughout this journey Tim Winton allows the audience to see the perspective of the narrator, his opinions, thoughts and feelings about the violence, depression, intense loneliness, misunderstanding, and fractured families. This is what the narrator is trying to escape. His journey is a search for freedom and a better life. “Some days I can see me and Biggie out there as old codgers, anchored to the friggin’ place, stuck forever” – Narrator. The narrator is immensely disturbed by his exam results, as is his mother. He feels as though he is disappearing. Much like Coral who feels she is disappearing as a result of her son’s death. Like Meg the narrator wishes to have more freedom and escape his troubled family life. “Missing out on uni really stings. When the results came I cried my eyes out. I thought about killing myself” – Narrator. Similar to the narrator Coral also faces the obstacle of depression. They both feel like they need to breakaway and begin a new journey that doesn’t involve the pressures of everyday life. He begins to focus on his dream and the goal of having better life experiences. The narrator is extremely excited by the prospect of change. “I can’t believe we’ve done it... it’s a mad feeling.” – Narrator. The narrator has overcome the challenge of depression which as a result of this tough journey has made him a stronger man....
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