Journey Leadership Development Program and NAVAIR Leadership Development Program: The Orlando Agency

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Leadership Talent Reviews

BUSI 526: Human Resource Management & Theory

March 1, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction to Leadership Talent Reviews1

The Role of the Human Resource Department1

The Orlando Agency1
The Journey Leadership Development Program2
NAVAIR Leadership Development Program2
iMentor Program4

Current Trends in Leadership Talent Reviews4
Leadership Talent Review Process Overview5
Establishing the Leadership Talent Review Board5
The Review of Employees7
Leadership Development8
Succession Planning9




Introduction to Leadership Talent Reviews
An organization is like a living organism. As the organization develops and matures its need for human capital changes. It will require more people due to growth, a wider range of professional diversity, and replacements as employees leave the organization. Leadership Talent Reviews are a way for an organization to prevent the well of leadership talent from running dry. This study will examine the Leadership Talent Review process at a Department of Defense Agency, as it compares to current trends. The Role of the Human Resource Department

It is important to define and understand the role of the Human Resources department in the Leadership Talent Review process. The textbook definition of “Human Resource Management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resource of an organization.” (Byars, 2011), this definition also applies to the HR role in the Leadership Talent Review process. The Human Resources department is not responsible for independently and unilaterally designing, implementing, and operating the Leadership Talent Review process. Rather, the Human Resources department will provide advice, counsel, research and act as facilitators in the process. The Orlando Agency

The Department of Defense agency located in Orlando, Florida has an end-strength of 1,200 employees. Its mission is to research, procure, develop, and ultimately provide state-of –the-art training devices for the United States military as well as, some foreign militaries. The employee professional categories are engineers, logisticians, contract specialists, project managers, staff, and administrative positions. It uses a formal Leadership Talent Review process. This agency “supports employee participation in Leadership Development Programs. There are internal; JLDP and NLDP programs and there are external programs. Mentoring is another focus area for this command and lots of communication and coordination is accomplished to educate the workforce about the benefits of the Mentoring program”. (Spano, 2012) Journey Leadership Development Program

“The JLDP (Journey Leadership Development Program) is a program designed to support and enable the development of leadership skills at all levels of the organization and is geared to compliment our masters-level leadership program, the NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP). The program has a suggested 1-2 year completion program length and does not guarantee promotions, awards, or bonuses” (Commander Naval Air Systems Command, 2011). The JLDP is designed to develop employees in the lower mid-level paygrades. It requires the employee to submit an application and be accepted upon review. NAVAIR Leadership Development Program

NLDP (NAVAIR Leadership Development Program) is the name of the headquarters version of a Leadership Talent Review. It is a voluntary program that requires each applicant to submit a very extensive application that hinges on the essay portion. Although it is voluntary, occassionally there are employees that show exceptional potential and are highly encouraged to apply. It is open to personnel in the upper mid-level pay grades. “The NLDP consists of two tracks – the Management Leadership Track and the Continuous Process...
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