Journey from Childhood to Adults

Topics: Boy, Richard Wright, Man Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: April 23, 2008
Journey From Childhood to Adults
Everyday our youth is reminded of the reality of the world around them. As they grow up they learn the truth not only about our world, but themselves. They feel the pressure to conform to what others think is acceptable of them. In turn they overcome hardships that help them to grow as individuals. This rite of passage is called initiation. The presence of this theme occurs throughout our textbook in a number of stories.

The story “Doe Season”, by David Kaplan, is a great example of initiation in young children. The protagonist, who is a 9-yr-old-girl named Andrea, is faced with a serious gender problem. Her father desperately wanted a son when she was born, but instead got a daughter. In turn he raised Andy as a son, and she soon began to enjoy the attention from her father, and grew to love masculine activities. Throughout the story Andrea talks about what her mother is up to, and how glad she is not to be there. It states, “Where even now her mother was probably raising again to wash their breakfast dishes and make herself a fresh pot of coffee. She is there, and we are here: the thought satisfied Andy” (247). This quote explains how the character would rather be out in the woods with the boys, than cooking and cleaning house. All of the points mentioned, help to cause the conflict to arise. The last one, however, is mentioned a lot throughout the story. Both Charlie and Mac tease Andy constantly. They believe that since she is a girl that she should not be hunting. At the beginning of the story Charlie says, “I don’t understand why she’s coming. How old is she anyway-eight?” (246). Again in the middle he states, “That’s what the woods are all about, anyway,” Charlie, said. “ It’s where the women don’t want to go.” (252). These point out that Andy is not really where she belongs.

The effects on Andrea are that she completely shuns her female role and the activities involved. On the hunting trip it really shows the reader...
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