Journey Essay

Topics: Horizon, Depression, Emotion Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: May 13, 2013
A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another, trip or voyage. In The Secret River will goes on a physical and emotional journey to Australian as a convict. In the picture book Pannikin and Pinta a family of pelicans who go a dangerous journey, this is represented thought the use of various visual techniques are intended to convey the concept of journeys to the audience.

On the first page a huge dark cloud is use to warn and give insight about events to come in the future. The huge black cloud overpowers the horizon with its bold shape, a lightning strike acting as a vector leading your eyes down from the cloud to the car, the colors from the left had side earthy and light to dark on the right hand side and the flat desert horizon contrasting with the big and tall cloud. To the audience of younger children the huge dark cloud conveys importance, the lighting leading to the car makes the cloud seem big and powerful compared to the small car being overshadowed, the changing of colors from dark to light represents a change in events as children associate bright colors with happy times and dark with sad times and the smooth horizon represents stable easy times compared to the cloud representing a difficult challenge.

These effects on the first page represent the complication and event that occur on a journey. This is similar to the journey of Sal who had a normal and stable childhood but is then faced with adversity when her husband Will is arrested and sent to death. The plain flat horizon the first page of the book represents Sal normal stable childhood and the huge grey cloud represents the troubles she faces when will gets arrested. I can relate to this image through out my journey of life as the smooth flat path represents school and my childhood and the cloud representing know when I leave school.

Sadness and complications of a journey happen in the book when Pannikins get trapped in fishing wire. The pelican is the main object in...
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