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Is it true that it is “The Journey, Not The Arrival That Matters” ?, In texts such as I Am David - directed by Paul Feig, The Road Not Taken - composed by Robert Frost, and The Ivory Trail – composed by Victor Kelleher. In each of the texts, the protagonist/persona learns a great deal about life throughout their respective journeys, more so than the eventual arrival.

In the film I Am David, I believe that his journey was much more important than his arrival in Denmark. In order for David to have any chance at reaching Denmark to see his mother, he must change the way he is as a person, which is not an easy task for a young boy who has lived in a concentration camp his whole life.

The first change that David will have to make, is bravery. The fact that he could be shot dead when escaping the concentration camp would not have left his mind. To overcome this fear, he needed to have faith in the guard, that his directions would be correct and help David escape safely.

Another change David has on his adventure to Denmark, is his fear of trust. This fear is not overcame in a quick and sudden nature, learning to trust more is a trait that David takes on bit by bit along his journey, but eventually begins to trust. The first person he encountered was the sailor who noticed him hiding in the boat. The sailor was going to get the authorities to take David away, but David bribed him with a pocket knife and the sailor got him to the shores of Italy.

The second person David meets is the baker. The baker thinks he is just a normal boy, but eventually finds him suspicious, and David starts to panic when the baker brings in 2 police officers. David escapes from the bakery and runs off.

The first few people David has bumped into since he left the concentration camp have seemed to make David more paranoid about trusting people. The increase in David’s paranoia in trusting people has made it a lot more difficult for David to overcome his fear.

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