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Mark Scheme (Results) Summer 2008

GCE O Level

GCE O Level English Language (7161/01)

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Section A: Comprehension First, read Passage One. Question number 1 Answer Award one mark each for any two of the following: • • • • • • Because the train began to move Because the train was leaving the station The rhythm of the train’s movement changed He had fallen from his seat He was anxious/frightened His heart was beating like a steamhammer Mark 2

Question number 2

Answer Award one mark each for any of the following: • • • “sat bold upright with a jerk” “knees were trembling” “an indescribable terror”

Mark 2

Question number 3

Answer Award one mark each for any of the following: • • • • He was unsure of what to do Because he was scared to check (that the money was still there) He was wondering about the disappearance of Mr Grundeis He thought everything might be alright

Mark 2

Question number 4

Answer Mark first three only. • • • • • • • They (the guards) would not take him seriously/would blame him He would be fined They would question him He would have to pull an emergency cord or wait for the next station (because there was no corridor). It would involve the police It would be too late at the next station It would upset his family

Mark 3

Question number 5

Indicative content The following list includes the main elements expected, but reward other valid points. Use of names/forms of address Emotions (both sides/contrast for top marks) Worry about money – mother, effect on grandma, fare/ticket home Suspicions of Mr Grundeis Possibly wish to find him Fear of police, guards

Mark 7

Mark 0 1-3 4-5 6-7

No response or irrelevant Limited amount of indicative content. Possibly presented as a summary or reported speech, possibly a monologue. Appreciable amount of indicative content. Written as a conversation, even if one-sided. Substantial amount of indicative content clearly presented as a conversation (direct speech or play script). Demonstrates empathy with Emil and even the grandmother.

Do not penalise errors in the use of speech marks or paragraphing. But only reward If understanding and appreciation of Emil’s plight is clear. Now read Passage Two, Lights, camera, armed police: film students fall foul of the law.

Question number 6

Acceptable Answers Clothing with blood on it//had been seen being thrown away/in a rubbish bin Escape vehicles//were parked/in a narrow road/near a rented garage Several well-dressed men// had been seen with guns/armed Notes Mark first three only, up to two marks for each point, depending on accurate selection of own words

Reject “A bloodstained T-shirt in a dustbin” “Two getaway cars by a lockup garage” “east London alleyway” “A gang of young men in smart suits” “brandishing shooters” “gangsters” “daubed with fake blood”

Mark 6

Question number 7

Acceptable Answers Amusement (or synonym) Anger (took seriously/ confiscated weapons/ took statements) Notes Mark first two only

Reject ‘having a laugh’ ‘went crazy’, ‘ticked us off’

Mark 2

Refer to both passages to answer the following question. Question number 8 Indicative content Passage One: For • Tension, emotion, feelings • Journey of interest • Empathy with boy versus adults – Grundeis, guards, police • Style – short sentences, exclamations, questions, internal monologue, ending Passage One: Against • Length • Child focus • Dated content and style • Some vocabulary/phrasing • Some repetition Passage Two: For • Tension • Humour • Modern • Realistic • Empathy – student focus • Visual description • Style – genre of title, opening and other aspects • Dialogue/quotations Passage Two: Against • Abrupt style – journalese • Inconclusive • Some vocabulary e.g. petrified, daubed • English references Notes Read the whole answer and use the levels grid below to decide a mark,...
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