Journey's Speech in Related Material

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English speech on related text for journeys
‘The destination is not important; rather, we remember most what happens along the way.’ How do journeys change us and help us grow? Good morning/ good afternoon, today I will be talking about my related text which is the film clip to the song ‘Live Your Life TI (feat. Rihanna)’ and I will be talking about how this song relates to journeys. Our lives are full of journeys and what we encounter during these journeys. We often feel like where we want to get to is the most important thing. However, it is what we learn on the way to the destination that is often more important, particularly what we learn about ourselves. One of the ways that my text is related to journeys is explored through the use of an adjective which is shown through the quote: “Life is an interesting journey.” The quote shows how the audience are all on different types of journeys in our lives. We will never know were the journey may take us and what will happen on the way. In other words journeys can be full of unexpected things. Another way is through the use of the technique which is alliteration which is shown through the quote: “Peaks and valleys, twists and turns”. This quote shows how sometimes journeys can have challenges and obstacles and we have to try and face them. By trying to overcome these challenges. They can make us stronger and the challenges and obstacles try to overcome harder ones later on in life. This quote also shows how it emphasizes that the journey can often follow unexpected paths. The last way is the way that TI uses second person like; ‘you, you’ll and our,’ which is shown through not just one quote but a few more extra quotes such as; “You’ll never know where it’ll take you,” “You can get the surprise of your life,” “Sometimes, on the way to where you’re going, you might think this is the worst time of your life. But you know what? At the end of the road, you are the adversity, if you can get to where you wanted to be....
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