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Tips For Harmonious Family Living
By Margit Cruice
Harmonious family living is about creating open communication, respect and even discipline. A household can be peaceful without being silent! It is about respecting each other, treating each individual as an individual, being consistent with your boundaries and communicating in an effective manner. 4. Communicating

When did you last feel truly listened to? When you were sharing an idea or story did the other person ask you more questions or did they wait until a pause and share their idea or story? Most of us do not know how to listen. But you can learn to listen well. Next time you are talking with someone, listen to understand him or her. Ask them questions. Find out more about the way they think. Ignore the voice wondering when you can interrupt with your own story. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about someone, which will strengthen your bond. And when you are the one doing the talking, notice yourself. Notice if you embellish things to make them more interesting. Notice whether you are sharing the real you, or is it just what you think they want to hear. Communicating is about showing and sharing your true self. We can have deeper more meaningful relationships when we really communicate with one another. These are just a few ideas you can use to maintain harmony in your family life. Remember it is not about silence. It is about meaningful exchanges, appreciation and allowing each family member to be who they are. Margit Cruice is a Life and Family Coach with global coaching experience. You can contact Margit through her website [] Article Source:
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