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Basic of journalism is lesson about where journalism comes from, what things that related to journalism and many things. Before we learned all, we learned the basic first. In Basic of Journalism, we have learned many chapters. The chapters are about “The History Of Journalism”, “Truth, Objectivity, Perspectivism”, “Theories Of The Press”, “Media Ethics and Society”, “Journalism and The Attered State”, “Journalism and Infotainment”, “Journalism And Public Relations”.

“The History Of Journalism” is about when the word of “journalism” appear, where the word of “journalism” found, who are related to journalism. Journalism is social process of transferring news from one point to another. Journalism has been known by people for years ago because it is tools to spread news or information. A long time ago, journalism was traditional. The media is too traditional not like today. They haven’t used newspaper, television, radio, magazine and Internet yet.

Etymologically, the first term of journalism is “Acta Diurna” comes from roman. The meaning of “Diurna” is daily or everyday. Then, the meaning of “Acta” is note. “Acta Diurna” refers to a announcement board which usually used by romans when they have a meeting and the result will announce to people. From this word ,”Acta Diurna”, the word of journalism is derived from”Journal”. The meaning of “Journal” is daily note or note about daily activities which happen day by day. “Journal” derives from Latin, “diurnalis” means that the person who do the journalism.

Beside that, the meaning of journalism in France is taken from “De Jour” means that daily. In the story of roman empire, king asked person to write all events which happen in the kingdom. The note is written in board. Then, the board is hung in the royal porch. Julius Caesar expanded this board. Time by time, in 1901, Gugliermo Marconi and friends used wireless radio transmitter to send the signal from America to Europe. After this tool is developed to become better, there were so many news publishers used this tool.

“Truth, Objectivity, Perspectivism”. Truth means the state of being in accord with fact or reality. The data, info, news can be proven. It must have benefit and accord to fact/reality. The truth also means having similarity with the original one without add/alleviate data. In searching the data for truth, we can find from the numbers, location, the name of people, year, time, etc. Some experts like Avicenna (Ibn Sinna) said that truth is what corresponds in the mind to what is outside it.

In the context of journalism, objectivity may be understood as synonymous with neutrality. The objectivity, we can find from the point of view from reader or writer. It must believe to fact not value. The objectivity must fair and distrust in values like Michael Schundson says.

Perspectivism means that there are many possible conceptual schemes or perspective in which judgment of truth or value can be made. Perspectivism claims that there are objective evaluations which transcend cultural formations or subjective designations.

“Theories Of The Press” is learn about four theories are related to journalism. The three theories are authoritarian theory of the press, libertarian of the press, and the social responsibility theory.

First theory is authoritarian theory. The authoritarian theory developed in the 16th and 17th century England. This theory supports and advances the policies of government and to serve the state. This theory is controlled by government license, law and censorship. Singapore, Myanmar, Korea, and China use this theory.

The second theory is...
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