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Topics: Health care provider, Patient, Health care Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: May 23, 2011

Journal Article Review
Developing a Spiritual Assessment Toolbox:
A Discussion of the Strengths and Limitations of Five Different Assessment Methods


This article informs the reader that healthcare professionals are more involved than ever with the treatment of patients. This places a lot of responsibility on the provider and therefore they should be armed with spiritual tools if they are going to effectively and holistically help with spiritual needs of a patient. Healthcare workers treat all types of people of various cultures and religious backgrounds. Many clients participating in various religious cultures have their own worldviews regarding how they will receive treatment, from which they will receive treatment and a general attitude about treatment. This is a lot for a healthcare provider to contend with and therefore assessment methods are warranted to find out the spiritual needs of a client. But prior to completing an assessment, the provider should have some knowledge of the client’s spiritual background so that they can determine how to proceed with the assessment. The author informed the reader that assessment provided a method of identifying spiritual assets that could be used in the patient’s treatment and ultimate discharge and that the assessment should be used to determine a patient’s denomination, important spiritual beliefs and practices. Spiritual assessments can be measured by using qualitative or quantitative approaches. But the author of this article chose five qualitative toolbox approaches to review. Each toolbox discussed strengths and limitations of the approach. The five assessment methods named, defined and compared in this article were spiritual histories, the most common approach to assessment. This assessment uses a person’s family history and most useful for verbal people. The second assessment was spiritual lifemaps. This assessment uses pictures...
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