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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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The History of our addiction

Bass Fishing is one of America’s most famous pass times and started with very humble beginnings. Bass fishing became popular soon after George W. Perry caught a twenty-two pound four once largemouth bass. In those days he was only fishing to put food on the table, and his only reward was seventy five dollars in store bought goods as first prize for field and steam magazines fishing contest. This bass set the record in America for bass fishing and has stood for almost fifty years. The official measurements were taken in Helena, Georgia.Bass fishing has sense evolved from what George Perry was used to and is now aided by many newer inventions such as artificial lures and advanced fishing reels. None of these fishing, but were adapted by the fishermen themselves. Bass fishing became more widespread as more and more rivers were dammed for hydroelectricity purposes. As these dams polluted the water they killed most of the river’s trout and salmon. Bass were then imported to replace the trout and to help sustain the ecosystems around these dams. This was an excellent opportunity for fishermen, and was taken full advantage of. Bass fishing has now become so widespread that people of many different ages, and nationalities take part in this wonderful sport. Many people would agree that bass fishing is a wonderful way to spend time, and has greatly influenced life in America. Whether its a day of fishing on the lake or a family outing, bass fishing has stolen the hearts of many Americans today.Many people however, catch fish for sport or sell them for money. These people are the reason that bass fishing has evolved so much. If it was not for these people’s continuous want for an easier way, there would be no bass specific tools to aid America’s most beloved sport.Ever since, it has slowly gained followers of all ages and many nations. Today, in countries as far flung as Australia, Cuba, South Africa, the United States and most of Europe,...
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