Journal of Operation Management: Perspectives on the Productivity Dilemma

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Journal of Operation Management


A critical review using P.S. Adler, Mary Benner, David James, John Paul MacDuffie, Emi Osono, Bradley R. Staats, Hirotaka Takeuchi, Michael L. Tushman and Sindey G. Winer, Journal of operation management: Perspectives on the productivity dilemma

The article focuses on the critical issue in the areas of operations management, strategy, product development and international business. Taylor and Deming had operation research on an organisation that can increase efficiency by adhering strictly to the proven templates. While Abernathy and March also research how efficiency can impose cost.

March and Simon suggest an organisation solve problems but acquiring knowledge that can be reused to solve similar problems in the future. Further on to say knowledge captures the essence of what worked in the past enabling organisation to take short-cuts and avoid deadens, thereby abridging the problem solving.

Abernathy also suggested a firm focus on productivity gains inhibited its flexibility and ability to innovate. He observed that the automobile industry, a firm’s economic decline was directly related to its efficiency and productivity efforts. He also suggested that a firm’s ability to compete over time was rooted not only increasing efficiency.

Apple Company shows a greater productivity in their creativity and innovation, but has been some critical issue emerging with the new CEO of the company, which have been a mass suicide threat, posed an ethical dilemma facing Apple and its new leader and the employees.

Practical application
The ethnical issue hit Apple’s new leader, showing a great crisis, workers threaten recklessness in protest over their working conditions where workers can have a safe work environment free of discrimination, and they can earn competitive wages and can voice their concerns freely. Apple’s suppliers must live up to this to do business with Apple.

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