Journal Entry Outline Assignment

Topics: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Employment Pages: 3 (665 words) Published: July 4, 2012
Bethany Garner
Journal/ Chapter Outline 16
BUS 102-225
BUS 102 Journal/Chapter Outline Assignment
Step 1: What are the main topics of the chapter?
I. The targeted job
II. Company specific research
III. The personal commercial
IV. The invitation to interview
V. The interview portfolio
VI. Practice interview questions
VII. Preinterview practice
VIII. The day of the interview
IX. The interview
X. Phone interviews
XI. Interview methods and types of interview questions
XII. Discrimination and employee rights
XIII. Tough questions
XIV. Closing the interview
XV. After the interview
XVI. Negotiation
XVII. Pre-employment screenings and medical exams
XVIII. When you are not offered the job

Step 2: What are the important details that support the main topic? I. The targeted job
a. After you have created a winning resume, it is time to begin a targeted job search. II. Company specific research
b. Prior to your interview, conduct research on the company and the specific position for which you are applying. III. The personal commercial
c. Prepare a personal commercial that sells your skills and ties theses skills to the particular job for which you are interviewing. IV. The invitation to interview
d. There is a strategy to successful interviews and it starts as soon as you receive an invitation to interview. V. The interview portfolio
e. An interview portfolio is a small folder containing relevant documents that are taken to an interview. VI. Practice interview questions
f. Another activity in preparing for an interview is to practice interview questions. VII. Preinterview practice
g. Prior to the day of your interview, visit the interview location, pre-plan your interview wardrobe, ensure your interview portfolio is up-to-date, and prepare post-interview thank-you notes. VIII. The day of the interview

h. Be...
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