Journal Entry - Deadly Unna

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Dear Diary,

It’s not fair! It’s just not fair! What was Dumby’s fault? Why him? Why does god always have to punish the good? I understand that Dumby was wrong by breaking into the pub, but it’s not his fault. He was upset because he didn’t get the McRae medal for best on ground, and his stupid cousin took advantage of that. Couldn’t Big Mac see that it was Dumby? Dumby doesn’t deserve to die like this. He was good from the heart. He was the one who helped me the time when our team was playing against Tangaratta, and Mad Dog (a hopeless but strong player from their team) had me in a headlock, while bashing me like and idiot. No one helped me, I cried to the others for help so many times but they just stood there, frozen, scared and not wanting to move in case Mad Dog attacked them. It was only Dumby that helped me. Dumby came and put Mad Dog in a headlock while his face was going redder by the minute. It takes a brave heart and a good friend to do something like that. Pickles, who is meant to be my best mate, would never do something like that for me. Dumby was a real hero. It’s his funeral tomorrow, I saw the ad for it in the newspaper, but I don’t think mum will let me go let alone my old man. But I’ll go, I’m not gonna let anyone stop me from attending Dumby’s funeral, even if it means walking all the way to the Point! My old man wants me to go out on the boat with him again, the same day as Dumby’s funeral. He reckons he’s going to give me another chance, but I know he just wants me there because his partner can’t make it. I’m not going to let anything or anyone come in between Dumby’s funeral and me. I’m going whether anyone likes it or not! He did a lot for me while he was living, the least I can do is go to his funeral and show his family my support.

Dumby Red

Alright then, I best be off. Need to prepare everything for my trip to the point tomorrow.

Yours truly,
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