Journal Entry About Life in 2030

Topics: 2004 albums, Experiment, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Dear Journal,
Today is September 20, 2030. I woke up in this strange and desolate place.  The last thing I remembered before waking up was seeing my husband, Anthony, and my son, Angel. We were boarding a spaceship to the moon, the last spaceship, because Earth is no longer suitable for life. I heard the moon was wonderful and full of life, well at least that is what the government says, unlike Earth which is now dead and looks like a giant dumpster. I looked all around this place searching for any sign of life I could find. I walked for what it seemed like ten miles when I came across what seemed to be a creature. It looked like a blue fluffy dog, with long rabbit ears, a cat tail and antennas, almost like something you would see in a sci-fi movie. I approached it slowly and it came closer to me and jumped on me and licked me all over my face. At first I was stricken with shock but then I realized it was my dog, Biscuit. I exploded with happiness. At least I wasn’t alone now. “What happened to you Biscuit?” was all I could think about until my stomach made a growling sound. I ignored it, feeling it would do me no good to worry about food. I stared at Biscuit again who looked at me as if she were saying “follow me”. I followed her to what appeared to be a research facility. I saw scientists performing tests on creatures by giving them bizarre colored injections. They gave a cat a purplish color injection and in a few minutes it looked as strange as my dog did, but what could these injections possible be for and how did my dog escape? Then it hit me. When I looked up and saw we were in a dome, they must be experimenting on animals to find a way to breathe on the moon without space suits. They were trying to mutate humans for life on the moon. I grabbed Biscuit and snuck through a small opening, slide down, and wound up in a room filled with cages of humans. I felt joy and sadness at the same time. I felt happiness because maybe now I could find Anthony and Angel....
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