Journal Assignment: Milking the Rhino

Topics: Tribe, Tourism, Cattle Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Sociology 180

Journal Assignment 3: Milking the Rhino

1. The benefits and advantages that tourism and conservancies are bringing to the tribal communities, Maasai and Himba, are:
a. With there being more conservancies, there is more wildlife and people like wildlife and culture. Conservancies helps increase tourism which ultimately allows more people to come to Africa, thus allowing the lodges to produce money which in turn allows them to buy more land for conservancies. The money that the lodge produces also goes to the people of the tribe and in most cases helps them with living. The money goes to making waterways, roads, construction, food, etc. for the tribe. The lodge is producing jobs for the tribe and allowing them to have better living environments. Wildlife is also benefiting from more land conservation and tourism by being able to preserve areas strictly for them.

b. There are also many downsides to the increasing tourism and conservancies. Around 80% of land is conservation land, which means that farmers aren’t allowed to have their cattle graze on that land. The tribe people depend on cattle as their main source of income and food. Wildlife has been given more land and is eating more and more crops, which means there is less land and crops for the cattle. Farmers have to herd their cattle by main water holes but because they are limited to one area, there is no grass due to the mismanagement of grazing. Cattle are unable to get the nutrition they need because they have already ate all the grass surrounding the waterhole. Another downside to the tourism is that the tribes are afraid they are putting all their eggs into one basket and if the lodge or campground were to go belly up then they would be out of luck. It’s hard to convince the community the need for conservation because they want to stay with cattle and improve that aspect of their culture. Plus, they are afraid that they could lose their culture due to the lodge prospering and...
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