Journal Article Critique

Topics: Tendon, Bone, Muscle Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Radiologic case study

A male patient of approximate mid 50's in age went to the doctor with severe tenderness, swelling and pain in his left knee after falling down stairs and twisting his knee. The doctor found there was noticable swelling. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) showed the back side corner of the knee to be intact but also did show thickening of the ligament located on the outer side of the knee. The MRI shows an oval abnormality that ran alongside of the ligament. However, MRI images can appear aggresive and therefore findings can often be mistaken for other knee abnormalities, specifically a twisting injury that requires a fractured ligament. A CT (computed tomography) scan excluded a fracture, and the thigh bone was intact with a smooth surface showing no signs of trauma. However the CT scan and the MRI suggested and confirmed calcium deposits, being calcium salts that have built up in soft tissue areas that cause hardening. Symptoms of calcium deposits are most commonly present with acute onset of pain with joint swelling, tenderness and occasionally mild fever. Most cases are trauma related. The cause of the calcium deposits is unclear. Theories include tendon degeneration areas, the site of prior trauma, tissue degeneration. Other theories are that it is genetic and metabolically influenced. The cause usually is noted as arising spontaneously from no cause, hereditary or disease associated. To verify the diagnosis is typically thought the x-ray examinations. Because calcific tendonitis mimics an inflammatory reaction, patients are generally treated with non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs with local hot and cold treatment. Follow up with the doctor is generally only if there is little to no improvement. Health care professionals maybe should consider a CT scan before the MRI since the MRI is so invasive and in-depth that there is a chance of misdiagnosis. Also it has been talked about that the less radioactive waves is better for the...
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