Journal about Memento

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Cinema 100
Journal About Memento
After each day’s shoot, editors piece together film footage for the director to screen and weigh. There are different types of cuts in editing; included are the following: Straight cut which simply abuts one shot with another. In its simplest form, the editor moves sharply from one face to the other as two people converse. The viewer is jolted from one place to another and thrust ahead in time. The other one is Fade out/Fade in, in which an editor can signal the end of a scene by gradually, over a number of frames, taking a shot to a blackness. At time the screen may remain dark for several second, then the process is reversed with a fade in. This process is usually to indicate the passage of time. The other type of cut is Blackout cuts. For particular effect, a filmmaker may wish to suddenly stop the flow of images and cut to a darkened screen for a few moments, then just as suddenly resume the visuals to make an integral part of the psychology of a movie’s storyline. Another type is called Dissolve as one image fades out, another fades in through it, for a few moments creating a blend evolution of color and shape to show a smooth passage of time or the merging of two elements. Also, there is a jump cut that goes against the principles of good editing; the sudden displacement of the subjects in the frame can rattle the audience. A jump out has three variations: 1) when concentrating on a person, it is a sudden cut to a later moment without changing the camera angle; 2) while showing what is seemingly a natural and continuous action, it abruptly cuts out the center film frames; 3) jump cutting arbitrarily switches from one time period, action, or place, but uses the same camera angle. There is also a crosscutting that cutting to parallel action to show two or more actions happening simultaneously in the context of the story; crosscutting works the best when each separate action has a similar dramatic weight, even...
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