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Topics: Motivation, University, Education Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: April 1, 2012

UNV 103: Module 1 Journal Entry Form


To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a course is an essential part of understanding. This journal entry form will provide a place for you to take some time and reflect on the prompt below:

A GCU Student is a motivated student. In 250-300 words, reflect on the topic of motivation. What motivated you to enroll at GCU and pursue a degree in higher education? How is motivation important for student success? Explain how the Cyber Café can help you feel connected with your classmates. Will this connection help you stay motivated? Explain. Describe any concerns or difficulties you may have had during this module.

UNV 103: Module 1 Journal Entry Form, Denise Rancour, 11/6/2011


Motivation is important for student success because that is what keeps us going in our quest for greater knowledge. If somebody had to sit for 8 hours a day and read a stack of books in front of him or her every day, but was not told which book to read, or why they had to read them it would not make a lot of sense. The person who had to read the books maybe would look at the titles and perhaps even read one of them, but boredom would set in. That is where motivation comes in.

If we are to be motivated to study there must be a reason why we must study. Each person must have something that keeps them going, or motivates them into doing studies in order to accomplish a goal, which would be to graduate from or finish a class. I think that most of the students at GCU would say that what motivates them is the fact that if they don’t do the studies or classwork and fail the course they would then lose out on a lot of money. The other point of doing a good job in a study is to show yourself approved and worthy in the eyes of God, and your teacher and your peers. If you push forward and get good grades it should make an open door to jobs that couldn’t be obtained before your schooling began. C.E.O. anyone?...
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