Jourard’s Concept of Privacy

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Psychology Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Joseph Walter
Professor Albone
Interpersonal Communication M 6:30-9
22 March 2012
Interpersonal Concept Report 2: Jourard’s Concept of Privacy

1. Jourard suggests that there is a need for privacy and that privacy could help eliminate the hindrances of truly being able to fully self-disclose. Privacy is when all societal pressures and roles required to be oneself in society are absent; escaping society and fining a solitary environment. Not having any privacy might limit the experiences a person has which in term could prevent someone from change and growth in experiences. By escaping the expectations of society and having privacy you can just be yourself and have the opportunity to experience new things without worrying about judgments from others. When returning to society from privacy now one has developed in their experiences and will be able to fully self-disclose. 2. Privacy is a key component in interpersonal communication and in personal relationships. Privacy allows a break in communication between people and also allows individual thoughts to be made without anyone interfering. When an individual returns to a communication setting after having privacy they now can fully disclose new information and experiences; the receiver can now gain new knowledge from the other because they have been absent as well. Without privacy in an interpersonal communication, experiences would limit the dialogue between the two people and they wouldn’t have much information to disclose that the other does not know. Privacy is a component in interpersonal relationships because it helps an individual gain new experiences and allows them to a break from the pressures of communicating with others, thus allowing them to fully self-disclose in their relationship. 3. A. One time privacy played a role...
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