Josh Hamilton

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Josh Hamilton
Drug & Alcohol Addiction
His Rookie Season
Hamilton made his long-awaited Major League debut on April 2 against the Chicago Cubs in pinch-hit appearance, receiving a 22-second standing ovation. He made his first start on April 10 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, batting lead off. In that game, he recorded his first Major League hit, a home run off Edgar Gonzalez. The next night, he hit another. Hamilton was named the National League Rookie of the Month for April. Complications In Life

Josh Hamilton Maybe be just a pretty face and an amazing baseball player to most, but there is more to him than just that. Everything Josh Hamilton knew and loved was taken away in an instant. He lost his parents and ball time after a dump truck missed a red like and stuck their car. Following was a path of destruction, “and it wasn’t because of anybody else. It was because of me.” He used both alcohol and drugs, never one without the other. This gave him the rush and adrenaline of his spot in professional baseball slipped from his grasp, the search for fulfillment was helplessly found in drugs and alcohol. As the use of alcohol and drugs increased he began getting tattoos and hanging out with the wrong crowd. It wasn’t until one night he had a dream and claims he was beating the devil but he just had a smile on his face and laughed at him. He took off to his grand mothers bed room and asked to sleep with her because he had a bad dream, keep in mind this is a 25 year old man. He then read the bible and inspired him to try and communicate with god and ask him to lead him in the right path. He later on had the same dream he had had in the passed but this time the devil didn’t have a smirk on his face but more of a blank look. He looked over his shoulder and said he didn`t see Jesus but he felt him there. Conclusion

Josh Hamilton, in his words has been “reborn.”
Has and Average of .304, making it one of the top 5 averages in the MLB. Currently has over 110...
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