Topics: Roman Empire, Judaism, Jerusalem Pages: 4 (1611 words) Published: March 28, 2013
In 37 CE, Josephus Ben Mattathias was born in Jerusalem. Josephus was a Jew, also known as a Hebrew. He was born into a hasmonaean lineage. He became a Pharisee at the age of 19. It is said that he was born a few years after the time of Jesus also during the reign of the Romans in the Jewish homeland. In his early age, Josephus was sent to Rome to ask about the priests that were held hostage. In the midst of his return he found out that the Jewish nation was beginning a revolution against the Romans. Josephus was then chosen to become the commander of the revolutionary forces in Galilee. It is said that he became a leader at the time of the revolt of the Jews against the Romans during the reign of Emperor Nero. Josephus was then taken prisoner by Vespasian and decided to state that he was a prophet. Josephus prophecy came true; he stated that Vespasian would become the ruler of the entire world. After that matter Vespasian spared his life. Josephus prophesied and his prophesy came true which caused Vespasian to adopt Josephus into his family. According to Wikipedia, during the war, Josephus assisted the Roman commander Titus and then because of that the Jewish nation began to call Josephus a traitor. Josephus then decided that he would write about the war because he was a witness of it all. According to Wikipedia, he wrote also to warn other nations against opposing the Romans. According to Josephus, the war between the Jews and the Romans was the greatest of all. Cities fought against cities, and nations against nations. To avoid a lot of contradictions, perhaps Josephus decided to write books based on the events that took place during the Great Revolt. To avoid any contradictions he wrote his books and included every account from the beginning to the end. His work was full of details and information that is able to both educate and explain the war. His work was published a few years after the end of the war in 78 CE when he was about 40 years of age. Josephus...
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