Joseph Stiglitz, in His Article "Making Globalisation Work"

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Joseph Stiglitz, in his article "Making Globalisation Work" shares his standpoint on Globalization as logical and fully explained phenomena. He understands the argument that Globalization will improve living standards of society, yet it is not designed to accommodate every single person of all social classes. He stresses that there are crucial lessons that needs to be learned and applied in order for globalization to benefit the world rather than harm it. Stiglitz’s focuses on the structural problems that developing and transition economies face and present concrete policy suggestions which are generally sound but idealistic. He also emphasizes that the market liberalization policies that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have been pushing for the last two or three decades have failed to generate significant per capita income growth in most regions of the developing and post-socialist world. The problem is not in the ‘prescription’ but the ‘patient’; their ‘good’ policies didn’t work because these poor countries have poor ‘institutions’ or ‘governance’. Stiglitz however correctly dismisses this argument. The main dilemma he explains is that important federations such as the United States do not show proper support and therefore these institutions cannot make the impact necessary for change. In the Global Conveyor Belt (2002), Christa Wichterich speaks of the development women have encounter in the business world. She speaks about the inequality and discrimination of the work force that women have endured. She uses detailed example of what a 12 hour day looks like for women at the poor end of this conveyor belt. We can easily understand her view on globalization by the clear examples of discrimination she uses in her article. Companies retract from any country at any given time if any types of rights organizations begin to form. It is fairly simple for an organization to find different locations to inject their business in. Anywhere where lower...
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