Joseph Stalin Research Paper

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Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin was a ruthless leader, capable of engendering near-fanatic loyalty in his followers. Nikita Khrushchev, who followed Stalin to power, characterized Stalin's leadership as creating a cult of personality. Like many leaders who abuse their power, Stalin was the most brutal, who had a huge impact on the Russian Revolution. As a dictator Stalin was very strict about his policies, especially with working. He created the centrally planned economy in the Soviet Union in order to expand its industries and become a modern industrial power, carrying out Lenin’s dreams of industrial development. What made Stalin what he is known today and throughout years is his childhood background, his sudden ride to power, his ultimate five year plans, and finally Stalin’s’ death controversies.

Joseph Stalin had a rough childhood, being the only child and living with foster parents. “Stalin was born on December 21, 1879, in Gori, a town near Tbilisi, in Georgia, a mountainous area in the southwestern part of the Russian empire” (Dudley 15). Stalin's real name was Losif Vissarionovich Djugshvil. In 1912, he was adopted by a family with the last name of Stalin, which means "man of steel". Stalin's father was a local shoe maker and his mother worked as a washday. They lived in a small shack. Their first three children had died at birth, so Stalin grew as an only child. Stalin got the case of a horrible disease called the small pox, and was scared of life after looking at himself in the mirror. Stalin's parents sent him to a little church school in Gori. He spent five years there, and became a very intelligent child. Stalin got a scholarship to go to the religious seminary in Tbilisi. Stalin entered to study for the priesthood in the Georgian Orthodox Church. He married soon after, but his first wife died of tuberculosis within three years. Stalin married for the second time in l919, and had a son and a daughter. It is said that his second wife killed herself...
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