Joseph Stalin

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Stalin Essay
Totalitarianism refers to a government that takes centralized and total state control over every aspect of private and public life. Totalitarian leaders emerge to provide a course for the future and an awareness of security. A vigorous leader who can build support off his own policies and is capable to justify his actions directs most totalitarian governments. The conditions in Russia were terrible because war and revolution destroyed the Russian economy. In March 1921, Lenin the leader of the Bolsheviks developed the New Economic Policy. The New Economic Policy permitted the peasants to sell their surplus crops instead of giving them to the government. The government kept control of major industries, but permitted small businesses to operate under private ownership. In 1929, Joseph Stalin endured control to achieve absolute power as the leader of the Communist party and as a dictator. Joseph Stalin is known as one of the greatest contentious forerunners in world history. Joseph Stalin histrionically altered the Soviet Union government and worked to achieve total control of all facets of life in the Soviet Union.

Terror and violence is often the leading factor used by totalitarian rulers to force compliance with the people and to destroy the resistance. Methods of control and persuasion are necessary for a leader to dominate an entire nation. Totalitarian states used propaganda to convince the people to accept certain actions or beliefs. Propaganda like newspaper articles exalted the accomplishments of the Communist Party. In totalitarian states, the government controls all media sources to regulate all information concerning the state. Joseph Stalin a totalitarian leader wanted his people to worship him as a god; as a result Stalin banned all religions practiced in the state. The ideas of Communism now replaced the religious teachings like Christianity and Judaism. As a...
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