Joseph Kony

Topics: Lord's Resistance Army, Uganda, Rape Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Khalid Abdeen
Rebel Rickansrud-Young

English A1
14 October 2012
Kony’s Little Army

For 19 years, Joseph Kony has been enslaving, torturing, raping, and murdering Ugandan children, many of whom have become soldiers for his "Lord's Resistance Army," going on to torture, rape, and kill other children.

The idea of enslaving, torturing, raping, and murdering children might sound crazy to any reader; nevertheless, there have been a lot of recorded events in the history books that talked about torturing children in many ways. I decided to talk about a criminal that does not know what the word mercy is; someone called Joseph Kony.

Joseph Kony is considered to be one of the most dangerous criminals out there. He was born in September 1961, and he is known to be the head of Lord’s Resistance Army, a Ugandan guerilla group. Joseph Kony is well known for his terrorist activities of kidnapping children and using them for war or as sex slaves. In the past decade he kidnapped almost 20,000 children.

He mostly kidnapped kids to use them as fighters or sex slaves. These children are often asked to kill their own parents, so they would have no homes to return to. Once a child is kidnapped, he or she is used as pack mules; carrying the supplies of war or standing in the front lines of any attack. Kony uses these children until they get wounded , weak , or too slow to walk, at which time they would kill them or simply leave them in the desert to die. Kidnapped girls get raped most of the time by the boys or by the army. If one of the girls turned out to be good looking, Kony usually asks his military to bring her to him, so he can rape her or marry her. Kony even used to cut noses , ears , or body parts of those young children whenever they decide to disobey him,

In 2003, Guardian reporter Rory Carroll met child soldiers at the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. Rory Carroll describes his experience and talks about it through his narration:
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