Joseph's Story

Topics: Protein, Cell, Organelle Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Ira Penrod
February 22, 2013
Unit 2. Case Study 1. The Cellular Level of Organization

Joseph’s Story
B. Assuming Joseph’s heart has stopped, what cellular processes and membrane functions are going to be affected by the loss of oxygen, blood glucose, and waste removal?
Without the heart pumping the oxygen and blood glucose won’t reach the vital organs of the body that need them for sustenance. Eventually without the ability to produce ATP the body’s cells will die. C. Which intracellular organelles have membranes as part of their structure? How would the breakdown of the membranes of these structures affect the function of Joseph’s heart cells?

Every intracellular organelle has membranes, with ATPase’s transferring calcium from the cytosol to the endoplasmic reticulum in cardiac muscle cells. Without the membrane the levels would just rise without channels in the membrane to regulate them causing an overload that would attack cytoskeleton. D. Two important pieces of information – the instructions Joseph’s body needs to repair itself and his predisposition for vascular disease – are both contained within the cell on which structures?

The predisposition is within the Mitochondrial DNA. The repairer would be in the mRNA which works the synthesis of proteins that fix the body. E. Joseph’s heart attack has caused the function of his cells to change. What types of proteins in the cell membrane were involved in the homeostatic imbalances of his heart cells?

ATP affects the pumping into the membrane by opening ion channels, ATPases would affect it in the opposite way because of the lack of ATPases the ATP wouldn’t be taken away. F. Why was reestablishing oxygen flow to Joseph’s body so important? What processes would be affected by lack of oxygen?

From what I said in the first answer ATP is one of the keystones of the body’s production and regulation. And cell mitosis would be affected, along with homeostasis. H. Explain why Joseph’s heart failed based...
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