Jose Rizal in Dapitan Essay

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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South Africa
* Has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growth rates since independence in 1966 from British. * Animals are tourist attractions.
* It’s the largest Cattle exporter in the African continent. * The People there are mostly Christians.
* Bogobe is a Porridge prepared from sorghum, millet or maize. * Common beverage is mageu a thick tea also made with sorghum. * On weddings and festive occasions, Rice replaced sorghum. Mozambique

* Formerly known as Portuguese East Africa.
* Chief foods are corn, rice, cassava, yams, potatoes, bananas, citrus, pineapple, chilies, peppers and tomatoes. * Popular recipes are Rice-Coconut Milk, Mango and egg Pudding, and Fufu is a boiled cassava made into a soft dough by pounding into a mortar and pestle. Namibia

* Also known as South West Africa.
* Mostly high desert Platea , generally for cattle raising and little produce and crops. * Half of population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. * Mostly white commercial farmers own almost half of Namibias arable land. * Tourism is a major industry being a prime destination in Africa for Ecotourism which features Namibias extensive wildlife. * 80 % Christian and 50 % Lutherans .

* Ostrich eggs are not uncommon and sheep , goat meat , milk from these herds and fish from the coast provide good quality protein. * Millet staple crop followed by corn and gourds.
South Africa
* South Africa was ruled by white Africans primarily of German , Dutch and French descent. * They imposed their “Apartheid Law” which means “Apartness”. * 70 % of the 49 million population are Christian and other are protestants Hindus, Muslims, Jews and tribal traditional believers. * Mealie (corn) is South Africa’s favorite cereals.

* Cookies are adopted from their European background such as Krakelinge a Dutch Figure 8 cookies. * South Africans love barbecue called “braii ....
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