Jose Rizal's Life

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1. Surname-“Rizal”
Jose Rizal and his family got the surname 'Rizal' from his Chinese ancestor Domingo Lameo. Rizal means "Ricial or grains", and they started using it 1731. His true surname is Mercado, but to keep his family safe he used the surname Rizal. His brother insisted that he adopt the name Rizal in order to avoid the obvious stigma that the Alonzo y Mercado name had recieved from Paciano's association with Father Burgos, and the family's prominence in the native community.

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2. Jose Rizal’s reason in going out of the country
Rizal went out of the country because he wants to discover,explore other places and to learn new things. Rizal went to other countries to study, he also wants to learn different languages, he studied medicine because he wants to give cure of his mother’s eyes. Rizal build up businesses, experiencing life to the fullest while he’s out of the country, he changes his girlfriend whenever he wants. But going out of the country is not about pleasure, Rizal was there to hide, because he’s life was already in danger that he has to hide for awhile. There are many accussations thrown on him during those times. He has to go out of the country with all his love for his family and for all the filipinos; to protect his family and his countrymen. If he choses to expose himself to the opponent, whole filipinos life will be in much danger than it really was. 3. Part of Rizal’s life

2 May 1883 – Visitación 8 – 3rd floor, No. 4
Yesterday, one year ago I left my home to come to this country. How many illusions one entertained and how many deceptions! Yesterday, all day and night, I kept recalling all that had happened to me since then. I took my diary and read it, which reminded me of faded impressions. Though sick, I'll continue my diary because I see that it is most useful and above all it...
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