Jose Paciano Laurel

Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Naermyth book review

This book caught my attention because out of all the other fiction books that were available. This one was only one that had a magical tale theme which was mixed with a horror theme. Two of my favorite themes in any fictional work, be it in a movie, a video game, and or a book. Naermyth’s setting is a post apocalyptic world wherein mankind has already been defeated by creatures such as dragons, Giants, Dwarves, “ Mananangals” and other creatures that they once considered fiction. These creatures are now the rulers of the world, and mankind has already lost. The last remnants of the human race try to survive by depending on a group of resistance fighters who combat these monsters called Shepherds. Synopsis:

The Story is about Athena Dizon, a skilled, and well renowned, albeit arrogant and proud Shepherd. And her fateful meeting with a mysterious man named Doran, who she rescued from a colony of dwarves. Now what’s strange about this man is that not only is he unaware that the world has already been takenover by monsters, and that that several years have already passed. He also causes severe pain to Athena whenever their skin touch and after an attack from a “batibat” Doran also transformed into some sort of monster himself and kills the creature with his bare hands. On top of all that All the Naermyth who sees him seem to know him as “THE IBIG NG BATHALA”. Knowing that the discovery of Doran’s naermyth side by her boss MAMON and her spies the Kwago would get both of them killed. Athena decided to take Doran with her to her routine travel down the salt road to resupply their salt, to keep him away from the Kwago, and to keep an eye of him as well. Through the course of their journey, Athena discovers the identity of the leader of the Naermyth, Narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by Mammon’s Kwago, uncover a plot to exterminate the senior Shepherds, including her brothers, and Discover that Dorian was actually...
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