Jose Mourinho vs Fabio Capello Leadership

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Comparison of 2 Successful Leaders: Jose Mourinho & Fabio Capello Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid) and Fabio Capello (England) are widely known for their hard work, determination and unprecedented success in the world of football. However, both have their strengths and weaknesses which inevitably divide them. Jose Mourinho is a mysterious, confident and extremely intellectual individual, a man who has perfect knowledge of how to use the media to his advantage. This makes him one of the greatest masters of mind games. He has the nickname "The Special One," a self-proclaimed title which has since been hijacked by the British media. He has the unique gift to assemble great teams within short periods of time, motivating and lifting them to success that they could previously only dream about. A fine example would be his three trophy-laden seasons at Chelsea. Mourinho moved to Chelsea, a club who had not achieve any league trophies in 50 years, in the summer of 2004. He led the West London club to two consecutive Premier League titles in his first two seasons in charge, along with a Carling Cup. However, he was twice defeated in semi-finals in his European hunt, both times by Rafa Benitez’s underdog Liverpool side. His sensational miracles at Chelsea and previous club Porto, where he won the Champions League in 2004, established him to be regarded as one of the world's highest-rated football managers, by not only by fans of the beautiful game but also by many of Mourinho’s respected peers and media. At a young age, the Portuguese man has already become one of the most successful yet controversial football figures of recent times. That is why Mourinho is a good example of leadership. He is a serious and commanding coach with strict rules and instructions which his players must abide by. He can be humorous at times, most notably at press conferences and chilled back but to him, football comes first and there not many football managers worldwide that have earned the global...
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