Jose Marti vs Turner

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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In their works both Jose Marti and Jackson Turner propose excellent ideas about the source of the national identities of their respective countries. Both authors present thesis’ that suggest a nations identity comes from the individual histories and struggles specific to that nation. Jose Marti describes the development of governments in Latin America and the processes by which they differentiate from their former colonizers. Jackson Turner’s ‘The Significance of the Frontier in American History’ describes the loss of the American Frontier and the affect it had on the American identity as well as the process by which the frontier progressed. Both authors converge on the idea of a nations land, and the environment that comes with it provides the tools to from a national identity.

In Jose Marti’s work “Our America” a recurrent theme is present regarding the formation of an independent nation in Latin America. He directs his ideas towards a Latin America rich with European and North American influence. Throughout his work Marti references “and influx of foreign influence” . By this he means the stigmas that were a product of colonial Latin America. He expresses disappointment towards the people who are ashamed to be without European ancestry, or have blatantly adopted European customs and fashions. He continues to say that these pseudo Europeans attempt to press their own views regarding their countries. Marti doesn’t blame this sensation on the country or its people, but the young governments emerging from them. “And the able governor in America is not the one who know how to govern the Germans or the French ” Marti suggest the young men trying to govern these newly emerging countries are borrowing ideas and modeling themselves in the image of those governments found in the United States, Spain, France, and England. He puts forth the idea that a successful government is relative to a nation. “To know one’s country and govern it in accordance with that...
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