Jose Cuervo

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Photography, Drink Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 3, 2010
When I was researching for an advertisement on the Internet, I could not find one advertisement that did not have some sort of bad message. I decided to choose this advertisement because this one stood out to me the most. This advertisement has an image of a couple with the girl in a swimsuit. This advertisement definitely stood out to me when it came to the coloring. The whole image is in black and white except for the bottle of alcohol and the small border on the bottom that consists of the alcohol that you would find in the bottle. The bold motto “ PURSUE YOUR DAYDREAMS” also stood out to me. This somewhat has an underlying message as to if you drink Jose Cuervo, all your dreams will come true. Since there is a happy couple on the advertisement, we could assume that the motto refers to sexual intercourse. It always interests me when there is the very small text at the bottom that states, “Drink Responsibly.” Even though it is appreciated that they are still thinking about people’s health, it is so small that you can barely see it. The text is also in white, which is harder to see with the yellow background behind the text. Also, they do not promote the legal age of drinking anywhere on the advertisement.

The advertisement’s objective is definitely to buy the product, but also to announce that you would have a better “lifestyle” if you drink Jose Cuervo, with the motto being “PURSUE YOUR DAYDREAMS.”

I believe the intended audience is younger legal drinkers. Since the picture is of a happy young couple, you would probably assume that older people would not be in the position the couple is in in the picture.

The techniques the ad’s designers are using to appeal to their audience is promoting Jose Cuervo by surrounding the bottle and title with color and the rest of the advertisement in black and white. Also again, the image of how the guy is carrying the girl and how the girl is half naked.

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