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Do Magnets Affect Radish Plant Growth?

Do Magnets Affect Radish Plant Growth?

The purpose of this experiment was to determine if magnets affect the growth of radish plants. I became interested in this idea because I have always been interested in magnets and how they work so I figured this would be a good opportunity to study their affects. The information gained from this experiment might help farmers and gardeners by showing them if it is better for radish plants to be near magnets so that they might grow faster.

My hypothesis was that the plants would lean towards the magnets and would also be shorter than the plants that aren’t near a magnet. I base my hypothesis on the fact that many plants contain iron and iron is very magnetic so the plant will start to lean.

3 |Cow Magnets|
1 |Shop Light|
1|Grow Lux Bulb|
72|Radish Seeds|
1|Water Dropper|
12|(Cups)Potting soil|
|Tap Water|
1 |Extension Cord |

1. Gather materials.
2. Put the correct 2 cups of soil in the pot.
3. Then place one of the cow magnets in the middle of a pot with the north end facing up. 4. Then you must plant 2 seeds in each hole so there are 6 holes. Plant the seeds about 2 centimeters away from the magnets and centimeters deep. 5. Do this with all of the pots except for 3 of them.

6. Place the pots on the trays.
7. Put the shop light and the grow lux bulbs together.
8. Hang the shop light from the ceiling or from two chairs. 9. Place the trays with the pots on them under the shop light. 10. Turn on the light.
11. Give each pot 1/2 a cup of water to get the soil moist. 12. Give each plant fifty drops of water each day for four weeks. 13. Set the timer to turn the light off at 7:30 P.M and turn the light on at 7:30 A.M. 14. Examine the plants at least once every other day after the first week. 15. Then collect...
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