Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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Executive Summary
Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant noticed that tips that waiters were receving were on a drop off also wait times for meals were also taking 20 minutes instead of the normal 12 minutes during peak hours. Management conducted customer surveys during busy hours and received some unfavorable results. The problem with Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is their service failures and a lack of a systematic approach to analyzing these services. Without a systematic approach to analyzing processes, Jose’s is dropping off on their services and not meeting customer expectations. In creating a systematic approach for Jose’s the service failures became clear. To solve this problem in the short term, the company needs to redesign their processes by hiring additional cooks as well as making sure that these new processes are implemented on a timely schedule. Long term the company should look into adding a proper waiting area where customers are more comfortable waiting for a table. They should also look into adding a bar where those customers who are waiting for tables can purchase drinks. Description

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a small restaurant that seats 58 (Krajewski et al., p. 154). The restaurant is located in New England in a business district that is on the edge of a large city (Krajewski et al., p. 154). They offer a wide variety of traditional Mexican cuisine (Krajewski et al., p. 154). Customers are usually seated immediately except for during peak hours on Friday and Saturday nights when they can wait up to 45 minutes (Krajewski et al., p. 154). Customers who decide to stay and wait have to wait outside of the restaurant, because there is no waiting area in the restaurant (Krajewski et al., p. 154). The menu consists of 23 main entrees that are assembled from the basics such as chicken, beef, rice, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, tomatoes, and lettuce (Krajewski et al., p. 154). The cook will prep the basics before...
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