Jorge Luis Borges: the Blind Man

Topics: Tragedy, Jorge Luis Borges, August Strindberg Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Tyreak Kellem
Hispanic Literature- Spring Semester, 2013
Narrative Exam
Horacio Xaubet
Narrative Exam I
I. Jorge Luis Borges:
(a.) “... in every story the protagonists are thousands, visible and invisible, living and dead.” The protagonist is the leading character of a story, novel or any literary work. A protagonist is also defined in the modern sense as a supporter or advocate of a social or political cause. The Protagonist is the primary figure of any narrative and the events of the plot are closely associated with the protagonist. Being the central character, the protagonist typically enjoys the most empathy from the audience. Often the protagonist may be the hero who enjoys being the focal point of the narrative and engages the emotions of the audience. It is also possible for the protagonist to be the villain or antihero of the story. In most cases, a story may contain subplots, each having its own protagonist distinct from the main protagonist. In addition to this, each story may neglect to highlight every protagonist. (b.) "Now I possess the secret, I could enunciate it a hundred different and even contradictory ways. I'm not sure how to tell you the secret, now is precious and science, our science, it seems a mere frivolity. He added after a pause: The secret, otherwise it is not worth what they're worth the paths that led me to it.” From this quote, I learned that through his travels he acquired a mental understanding that through the English language we neglect to understand that it has a broader meaning than what we are being taught. Also, he stated that now that he has possession of the “secret” he could pronounce this secret in a hundred different ways and could even be opposing. Therefore, now that the secret is precious, our science is still mere foolishness. The English language is still “ignorant” to even comprehend the value behind the “secret.” (c.) The first-person, "I" is telling about his relationship to "The other...
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