Jordan vs Nikes

Topics: Michael Jordan, Nike, Inc., Air Jordan Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Jordans vs. Nikes
Once Michael Jordan wore the famous Jordan shoes, every person who played basketball wanted them. There’s no competition when you compare Jordan shoes with others, not even Nike can compete against Jordan. Even though Nike throughout the Years has made some great quality shoes, shoe fanatics have wanted Jordan shoes more than ever since Michael Jordan flew from free-throw line with his own pair of Jordan retro 3’s. The different attributes that Nike and Jordan have are material and style, popularity, and lastly is on the court performance. Everyone wanted to be like Mike and the shoes were the key to that dream.

What really makes both these shoes so great? Many basketball players look at Michael Jordan and think it’s the shoes that made him famous. Shoe companies used the fame of Michael Jordan and thus created the Jordan dynasty was born. However, Nike was the top shoe competitor over most shoes. Nike shoes have made some great shoes like their Nike air forces. The Nike air forces have over 100 different colors and variations. Nike air swoosh symbol is right across the mid-section of the shoe. Like every pair of Nike shoes their logo must be the primary attribute on the shoe. Jordan shoes as well have made different style shoes. The air Jordan 3’s had the Jordan logo stitched on the tongue of the shoe and also the back. The Jordan shoe had different types of material all the shoe. Although both Nike and Jordan had the same constancy of making different style of shoes, Jordan shoes had better innovation of materials in their shoe than Nike. Nike lack style and material. Most Nike shoes had same type of shoes year after year. The air forces were plain and simple just one single color. Jordan on the other hand had different textures and different styles. Jordan has 23 types of shoes with their own variations of colors. If a basketball player was to buy an expensive shoe with great quality than go with Jordan because he or she will be...
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