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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The direct competition for Air Jordan is Nike, and the competition is strong. Nike has been competing with Air Jordan for a while now, due to both brands establishing themselves as a major endorser for athletic shoes. SWOT Analysis:

1. Management is designed and focused on creating performance opportunities for those who could benefit. 2. There has been a 380% increase in market capitalization of Nike. 3. Wide range of products including track and field, football, basketball, golf, etc. 4. Products are promoted by celebrity athletes like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and many others. 5. There are more than 500 locations in the US, Middle East, and Asia Pacific Region. 6. Manufactures 30% lighter shoes than their competitors making them preferred by consumers. 7. Nike Grind Program is the company’s recycling program meant for eliminating wastes during production. 8. High performance fabrics and FIT(Fitness Information Technology) technologies are used to manage temperature and moisture which is helpful for athletes to compete in any condition. OPPORTUNITIES

1. Dynamic consumer behavior regarding fashion brands means that Nike would be an ongoing concern. 2. To develop products such as jewelries, sunglasses, etc. 3. Developing countries like India and some of the Asian countries are also keeping their fingers crossed because increasing disposable income enhances chances of corporate growth. 4. Market share and market capitalization of Adidas and Reebok is less than that of Nike’s which is 47%, $13.4 Billion Adidas 6%, $8.4 Billion

Reebok 16 %, $4 Billion
1. Offers mostly high priced products or the price range is quite high, normally the retail starts at $100. 2. Online purchase is not preferred because the rates are even higher. 3. Higher percentage of market share depends upon the foot wear so eroding of the market share could bring down the company’s name. 4....
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