Jonestown Analysis

Topics: Jonestown, Leo Ryan, Jim Jones Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: July 28, 2011
Theory and Analysis on Jonestown Documentary
This documentary examines the infamous religious cult formed by a charismatic preacher named Jim Jones and his promise to bring a world of economic and racial equality. His promise led to the largest mass murder suicide in history. This documentary covers the events that lead to an abrupt awakening to the media and to the world of the people who joined the Peoples Temple ,following how Jones first started from Indiana to California and lastly to their deaths in Guyana in November 1978 killing over 900 people. The film starts of with Jones, history and his unhappy childhood. He was often describes an eccentric child that was obsessed with religion and death . His desire for social injustice by befriending people of color and different people religion causing his community to turn against him and his family. The result made him to eventually move ,where he grew interested in becoming a Pentecostal minister to further expand his social goals and administering the city of Indianapolis first integrated church. Even though he grew to be a preacher he had no training to become one he based most of his teachings on a his own religious and socialism philosophies. He developed the Peoples Temple in Indiana in the mid 1950s teaching apostolic socialism. After receiving numerous criticism for his integration views he moved the Temple to California in 1965. In California the Temple the church grew in people and becoming more active in their political views. Then around the 1970s the organization grew into San Francisco as well as was thought as the promised land. The temple members in San Francisco were expected to live in a communal lifestyle. All the money was to be donated formally from the desperate, the working adults were to give 25 percent of their wages and some just gave all their property. The temple also enforced physical discipline, later on the disciplinary actions where emerged to physical abuse. The...
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