Jones Town Massacre

Topics: Leo Ryan, Jim Jones, Jonestown Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Jones town
A tragic massacre took place on November 18, 1978, in Guyana. 909 members of Peoples Temple died in the middle of a jungle in Guyana and five people were killed on an airstrip. It has been called the largest mass murder suicide. The story of the massacre was told by survivors and relatives who happened to survive and know Jim Jones. According to Jim’s childhood friends, Jim was a weird kid, he was obsessed with religion and death, and he used to conduct funerals of small animals that have died. One of his friends saw him killing a cat with a knife then having a funeral which was very weird. Jim’s father didn’t work or have a job and was a drunk. His mother had to work in order to support the family. The focus of Jim’s message was taken from the bible where Jesus told his people to sell all things and have everything in common. He begun to spread his beliefs about socialism, the world and how to live a better life by fixing the Graham busses and did a cross country tour every summer no only to spread his beliefs but to gather more people for the temple. Few days before the massacre took place, congressman Leo Ryan went to Jonestown to see if the people who were living there were good and happy. Leo Ryan received two notes from the people in the temple asking him for help to get out from Jonestown. The day of the massacre people, Congressman Ryan announced that he was willing to take anyone who wanted to leave Jonestown, and few people started to leave, and some others were saying that they were happy there. Later on Congressman Ryan got assassinated while he was trying to take the people who wanted to move back with him. Jim asked his people to drink juice that had cyanide poisoning in it. Babies and children were injected the poison in their mouth, and later on they all died. Jim Johns ended up dying from a shot in his head. Jim jones definitely had psychological disorder, it’s obvious from his obsession with death and religion as a child, I...
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