Jones: Accounts Receivable

Topics: Accounts receivable, Balance sheet, Liability Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Jones Electrical, though having more rapid growth and expected to increase in future would need more than 250,000 to meet his needs. First of all he has to repay his ex partner after buying him out. Jones bought Dave Verdent, his former business partner out for $250,000. 00. His repayment plan was a $2000.00 per month with 8% interest per annum. The interest rate he is paying is relatively high and this means it will take Jones over ten years to repay this loan with an interest payment in excess of $200,000.00 in interest only. From the financial information provided in the Balance Sheet of Jones Electrical Distribution it shows that there was an increase in accounts receivables, inventory, property and equipment. This increase would permit an increase also in liabilities and equity to be able to finance the assets. On the other hand, the balance sheet also shows in increase in accounts payable, line of credit payable and accrued expenses. The above increases would therefore warrant financial assistance from the Bank for the expansion of the business. With the loan, Jones will be allowed more flexibility in the operations of the business. He will then be able to increase his assets in the form of inventory and capital, which in turn will result in his business being in a better position to finance its operations.   In addition, Jones Electrical will be able to benefit from the trade discounts which are offered by his suppliers because this arrangement would allow him to pay his creditors. They need the loan to help the company manage and expand its operations and pay off his debts.

With respect to the early payment discount of only 2%, it is advisable that the Company, continue to credit its supplies and make alternative arrangements with respect of repayment to its suppliers. The company needs cash and the discount of the 2% does not put the company in a better financial position. It is always important to inject equity so that your...
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