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June 6, 2011

The “Unsolved” Murder of JonBenét Patricia Ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey was born August 6, 1990 and was murdered December 25, 1996. Her murder is considered to be unsolved although the fact that her parents murdered her is quite obvious. In this paper I will discuss the facts in which point to her parents as the main suspects.

JonBenét was a charming 6-year old girl know for being a pageant queen. She travelled all over the United States of America participating in many pageants, winning almost all. She was also involved in many other things such as rock climbing and violin lessons. JonBenét was born in Atlanta, Gerogia but relocated to Boulder, Colorado at just 9 months old. She is remembered for being a very sweet and caring little girl.

Christmas evening 1996 Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey came home from work like any other day, but to her surprise “found” a note on her steps. This note was a ransom note demanding $118,000 or she would never see her daughter JonBenét again. The note also told her she must remain silent and not contact friends or the police. Patsy panicked and contacted police right away. The police arrived and searched the place and later discovered JonBenéts corpse in the basement in the wine cellar. She was found with ropes around her neck and her hands tied above her head. Also with later examination was found to have signs of sexual abuse from recent and ongoing abuse. One of her mothers paintbrushes was also found around her genital area and fluid all over her stomach. John Ramsey ,JonBenéts father, immidietly took his daughters corpse cut off the ties, brought her upstairs, and placed her under the Christmas tree. Parents seem innocent? Lets analyze this further.

There are many faults in this murder case, if many of which hadn’t happened the case probably would have been solved. For starts, the note that Patsy found was written on paper found in their household. A rough copy...
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