Jon Stewart

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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Jeremy Wilson
Government 2301
9 September 2012
Jon Stewart
Jonathan Stewart Leibowits was born in Trenton, New Jersey on November 28, 2012, son of a Physicist and a teacher of gifted students. “I was the wise guy of the family” (Stewart), he had only one brother to compete with. Stewart’s parents got a divorce when he was only a teenager, thereafter he and his brother lived with their mom. While in high school, Stewart was voted best sense of humor when he a senior. After he graduated from high school, Stewart went to Virginia’s William and Mary College, he study psychology and chemistry and play soccer for the school where he rose to an award that still gets preventative to this very day: The Leibo, it’s awarded to the clown of the soccer team every year. “My college career was waking up late, memorizing someone else’s notes, doing bong hits, and going to soccer practice” (Stewart).

After college, Stewart felt lost, realizing that he did not want to be anything he went to Virginia’s William and Mary College for. He moved back home for awhile, picking up weird jobs such as running a puppet show that gifted children. It was long until he was sick of living at home so Stewart decided to move to New York City, he took a job as a van driver for a food company, at the same time he was working some comic routines making his debut in a New York City comic club only a year after moving to the city. This is when Comic clubs started to pronounce his name wrong, leaving no choice but to change his name, which is now known by everyone as Jon Stewart. He debut convinced him that he could have some kind of career working as a Stand-Up Comedian. As time went on Stewart worked his way through highly known comic clubs until he reached a gig at Caesar’s Palace.

Stewart found his way to the television in the early parts of 1990s, working as a host for Comedy Central and working on sets for MTV. In 1993, Stewart was a runner up to take over...
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