Jon Benet Ramsey

Topics: JonBenét Ramsey, Jury, Patsy Ramsey Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey

Jon Benet Ramsey (08/06/1990-12/25/1996) was a six year old beauty queen that was found dead in the wine cellar of her parents’ home. According to her mother, Patsy, the family had a normal Christmas with family friends, the Whites. When they arrived home Jon Benet was already asleep and her parents carried her from the car into the house and put her to bed without waking her. When Patsy woke the next morning, December 26, 1996, she found a ransom note on the spiral staircase. When Jon Benet could not be found her mother called 911. When word got out about her disappearance friends and family gather in the Ramsey home to calm Patsy. All this time, John Ramsey (the father) remained tense and calm. When Burke Ramsey (the 9 year old brother) awoke, he was rushed out of the house and taken to the Whites at approximately 0900. John Ramsey located the child’s body in the wine cellar, a room off the boiler room in the basement of the Ramsey’s home. He found his daughter with duct tape over her mouth, her wrists bound above her head, and a nylon cord wrapped so tightly around her neck that it cut deeply into her skin. The motive behind Jon Benet’s murder is unknown but there is speculation of rage for wetting the bed from her mother or a botched kidnapping. Although John Mark Karr falsely admitted to the murder of Jon Benet in 2006, the case is still unsolved. Recently on January 28, 2013, the Grand Jury has reason to believe that John Ramsey, since Patsy died in 2006 from cancer, should be indicted for the death of Jon Benet. They believe with new technology that they will be able to use the evidence already gathered to charge him with child abuse resulting in death. Believing otherwise, District Attorney, Alex Hunter, refuses to sign the Grand Jury’s decision saying there is a lack of proof to indict John Ramsey. Evidence

* Ransom note
* Duct tape
* Nylon cord
* Wrist ties
* Stick from paint brush from Patsy’s art...
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