Jollibee: the Force Within the Empire

Topics: Franchising, Franchise, The Franchise Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: April 13, 2012
I. Point of View:
Genee Lopez,
Asst. VP for Franchising
Jollibee Food Corporation

II. Problem:
Who should be awarded the franchise, Mr. Artiaga or Mrs. Ng?

III. Objectives:
1. To review the franchise process of Jollibee Food Corporation; 2. To assess suitability of applicants vis-à-vis application process criteria; and 3. To make a recommendation on who to award the franchise.

IV. Areas of Consideration

1. Jollibee Food Corporation has an existing selection process for its franchises. First, franchise applicants will submit Letters of intent containing location maps, TCT/Lease documents and résuméswhich is used to assess and check the viability of sites. Those adjudged with viable sites undergo screening or interview.

Franchisors should consider the following in the site evaluation stage (Kotik, 1999): •Accessibility and traffic patterns: It is easy to exit and enter into a traffic? Are difficult intersections, major road construction or other impediments? What time of the day is traffic heavy? Where is the traffic going? Are people shopping or merely commuting to neighborhoods where they can purchase your product or service from a more convinient store? •Zoning: does your municipality or City allow that kind of business at a certain location? •Visibility: Is visibility important to the success of your business? If your product is an impulse item or geared towards mass markets, then you need to be where customers can see your business. •Hours of operation: Do the hour of operation match the needs of your customer? •Parking layout: Determine how much parking you need and select location that offers it. •Public transportation: Extremely important if it is a product for the “masses” that your outlet is in front of public transportation. Also if you have a lot of employee in the franchised business who have to commute to work. •Neighborhood development: Is the neighborhood stable or declining? What kind of subdivisions or living...
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