Jollibee Production

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Production Techniques

From Jollibee’s deep wellspring of resources, Jollibee Worldwide Services (JWS) was formed to be the JFC Group of Companies’ partner in delivering shared services for all its business lines. Borne out of JFC’s foundational values and in full support of its mission and vision, JWS is positioned to be the leader in the shared services industry, a “partner of choice” for the most aggressive business movers in the world today. Our mission is to provide quality business services at a speed and cost better than competition, enabling our business partners to achieve global market leadership. We shall do this by providing value-adding service in the areas of Accounting, Finance and HR; employing highly efficient people, systems and processes that allow us to deliver and exceed customer expectations; and offering competitive cost in the shared services industry. Through these strategies, we enable our clients – the JFC Group of Companies – to efficiently operate in the global market, effectively collaborate with business partners, and help employees to be more productive. JWS is set to achieve its vision of becoming a leading shared services organization, creating value to business partners through customer focus, cost leadership and organizational excellence – the very same competencies that has brought JFC to its leadership position today.

The most important key to success is our location. It is very important that our location live up to our expectations, and is convenient to as many potential customers as possible. Another key to success lies with our ability to execute our plan. If we neglect one or more aspects of our plan, whether that is our numbers, our employees, our cleaning and food standards, or our commitment to customers, we will not succeed and thrive. Our value proposition is that we offer high-quality, healthy fast food at a reasonable price. Our facilities are clean and our food is tastier than that of our competitors. The ambiance of our facilities contribute to customers' desire to eat their meals in a comfortable, healthy environment. For people looking for a fast, friendly, and tasty lunch, we produce a quick meal. Our seating area are clean and the overall ambiance of the place will be pleasing to the senses. The food will be good and the service, friendly and fast.

Quality Control

Proof of Jollibee’s adherence to high quality standards is the various awards it garnered for the commissaries: in 1997, the commissary in Pasig earned the Outstanding Industrial Plant in the National Capital Region from the Laguna Lake Development Authority and the Most Improved Industry awarded by the Sagip Pasig Movement while Commissary Plant Engineer Romy P. Fernandez was awarded as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Quality Control Officers of the Philippines. In 1998 also, the frozen patty line in the Pasig commissary was awarded an ISO 9002 certification by the SGS (Societe' Generale Surveillance) Yarsely, an international certification body. 2004 is a banner year for Vismin Foods Corporation (VFC) who has been assessed and certified by the National Meat Inspection Commission of the Department of Agriculture, to have fully met the requirements and standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, reinforcing the commissary’s "AAA" accreditation granted by the same agency.

Customer Service

A professionally staffed Technical Services Team supports the maintenance of an internationally accepted quality management system that further ensures the quality and safety of the commissary manufactured food products. High caliber teams from Engineering, Human Resources, Information Management, Finance and Accounting likewise provide support to the Manufacturing and Logistics operations of the Commissary.

Our #1 strategy is to focus on our customer experience. Our success hinges on whether customers receive what we promise them, and are pleased enough to come...
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