Jollibee Corporation

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Mr. Tony Tan and his family opens a Magnolia Ice cream parlor at Cubao. This is later to become the 1st Jollibee Outlet.


Bakery is established in Cubao.
Jollibee posts 1st year sales of P2 million
Jollibee incorporates as a 100% Filipino-owned company, with seven Jollibee fast- food restaurants within Metro Manila as initial network and the Yumburger as flagship product.


Spaghetti Special is introduced
1st Franchise owned store opens at Ronquillo Sta. Cruz.


Jollibee launches its 1st TV commercial.
Jollibee Chickenjoy and French Fries are launched.
The well-loved Jollibee mascot is conceived to support brand awareness and identity efforts. Other mascots are later introduced. Jollibee launches Chickenjoy, which becomes one of its best-selling menu items.


Jollibee Foods Corporation enters list of Top 1000 Corporations. Jollibee ended the year with 10 stores


Jollibee pioneers the use of in-store promotions, novelty premium items and Kiddie Birthday packages for kids. Palabok Fiesta is introduced.

Jollibee Langhap Sarap TV ad 1983

The Langhap-Sarap TV ad Campaign is launched.
Chickee and Lady Moo join the Jollibee mascots

The Champ hamburger 1984

Champ hamburger is launched.
Jollibee enters list of Top 500 Corporations and assumes market leadership in local fast food industry. Mascots Champ and Hetty join the Jollibee family
WEA gives Jollibee Gold record award for the outstanding sales of Jollibee songs.


Jollibee becomes the market leader of the fastfood industry Breakfast Joys are introduced.
Langhap-Sarap awarded most effective ad campaign in the food category during the 9th Philippine Advertising Congress


Jollibee wins the 9th International Foods Award from El Comestible in Barcelona,Spain Tony Tan wins the Agora Award for entrepreneurship given by the Philippine Marketing Association. Top 250 Corporation list include Jollibee Foods Corporation Jollibee opens its 1st international store in Taiwan

Jollibee adds Chunky Chicken Sandwich in its menu.

Jollibee - No. 1 again in ’87 1987

2nd Taiwan store opens.
Sales of 570 million pushes Jollibee into the elite Top 100 Corporations Jollibee opens 1st fast food outlet in Brunei, marking its entry into the global market.


Jolly Twirls softserve is successfully launched.
Jollibee system wide sales hit P921 million, further leading market share of 31% in the fast food industry and a dominant 57% share in the hamburger segment. Jollibee celebrates 10th year anniversary.

Tony Tan is named one of the Ten Outstanding Manilans.
Jollibee wins the Anvil Award for outstanding PR campaign in relation to the achievement of marketing objective with its Filipino Talents campaign.


2nd Brunei store opens.
Balut and Ligaw TV commercials wins the Kidlat Award in the Service and Leisure Products category during the 11th Philippine Ad Congress. Jollibee sales hit P1.3 billion marks, first fast food chain to surpass billion-peso sales mark.


Jollibee adds coleslaw, Jolly Hotdog, Chickenjoy Take-Me-Out and Peach mango Pie to its ever-growing menu. Jollibee post sales of P1.8 billion
Tony Tan is awarded the Triple Award by AIM as Outstanding AIM Alumnus. Jollibee receives the Excellence in Marketing Management Award from the Asian Institute of Management.

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Jollibee's 100th store opens in Davao City
Jollibee opens a record high of 35 new stores
Opens 1st store outside Luzon in Cagayan de Oro City.
Jollibee launches its Pancakes and Jolly Meals.
Jollibee sales hit a whopping P2.65 billion.
The Lola TV commercial wins the Grand Araw Award and an award of excellence for the promotion of Filipino Values during the Philippine Ad...
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