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Topics: Past tense, Participle, Verb Pages: 4 (997 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Introduction to Narrative: verb forms

A narrative is a story: it describes an event in the past. Normally we use three verb forms to describe what happened: 1) the past continuous 2) the simple past 3) the past perfect. The narratives in HD1 will be personalised (use "I") and 200+ words written in 45 minutes.

Instructions: b) Underline verb forms in the sections below. Examples have been done for you. b) Fill in the blank in front of “used” with "often", "sometimes" or "seldom".

1. Past Continuous (progressive): was/were + verb + ing (________________used)

The past continuous is good for setting the scene; it is used for an action that continues for some time and is usually paired with an action in the simple past.[1] It is often used with "as", "while", and "when".

Mohammed was driving along the road when suddenly … (+ simple past) As the two men were crossing the desert, they … (+ simple past) When … happened (simple past), the car was speeding down the deserted highway. When the lights went out (simple past), I was talking to my brother.

2. Simple Past: 2nd part of verb (-ed) (__________________used)

This is used for “quicker” actions; they may interrupt #1 (past continuous).

Mohammed was driving along the road when suddenly he saw a camel run out in front of him. He braked as hard as he could but couldn't stop in time. The car hit the camel. The man got out of the car and checked to see if the animal was alive.

The two men were crossing the desert when they heard a loud bang. It sounded like a rifle but they were not sure. They heard another shot but this time something hit the side of the car. Now they were sure.

When the accident happened, the car was speeding down the deserted highway. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove straight into a tree. Ten minutes later, another car passed by. The driver saw the accident and stopped his car to call the police. See other side (

3. Past Perfect:...
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