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Question 1: Perform an internal analysis of Jollibee. Your analysis should include business fundamental knowledge analysis, value chain analysis and capability and core competencies evaluation. 1.1: Introduction

To accomplish Jollibee’s Internal Analysis, I will examine the firm’s strength & competitive advantage via her business fundamentals, wealth of tangible & intangible resources, capabilities and core competences that will exposed her competitive precedence in the Fast Food industry. This internal analysis will also illustrated Jollibee’s exclusive capabilities via the Resource-Based Model that will disclose her exceptional core-competencies using the four criteria test to prove her distinguishing services from her rivals.

1.2 Jollibee’s Business Fundamental Knowledge Analysis
Jollibee is a firm that invests significant amount of capital funding into training its staff holistically, provide above average compensations & benefits, produce innovative products constantly to create an increased value added factors and positive distinction as an employer, service provider and business. Jollibee boasts a successful prominence in its home market Philippines by having the largest share in the fast food industry and have now expanded its operations overseas to compete at the global stage. 1.2.1: Operations Management and Product Development

Jollibee’s commitment towards her country’s distinct preference & continued to tailor its menu & marketing strategies to better reach & satisfy its customers. Jollibee’s focused on achieving & sustaining operational efficiency in its restaurants & hiring the right candidates to manage its operations & strategic planning. In 2000, Jollibee Philippines decentralised its organisation operations into 4 autonomous regional business units that corresponded into the country’s major geographical markets: Mega Manila, Luzon, South Luzon & Visayas-Mindanao. This established a more manageable business size and span of control for Jollibee’s flourishing business. Moving forward, this decentralised operation provides greater efficiency in the delivery of its products, services, due to a more timely decision making. 1.2.2: Human Resource Management

Strictly regulated recruitment, stringent selection processes & comprehensive training programs Jollibee assures quality service professionals to serve to her customers. Jollibee also establishes the highest compensation and benefits package in the Philippine fast food industry. Jollibee’s effective human resource management translates into great service excellence and commitment toward serving the customers and also justifies the loyalty and faithfulness amongst her employees.

1.3: Value Chain Analysis

The Value Chain Analysis can be divided into the primary activities which consist of creation, sale and distribution, service to the consumers which include;

1.3.1: Marketing & Sales
Jollibee has effective branding, advertising strategies and marketing campaigns. These were well communicated as JFC used media masterfully to advocate its ethical stances that we rooted to the traditional values of family, with a tinge of family pride. In 2004, JFC topped the “Asia’s Most Admired Company”. Jollibee’s Langhap Sarap Value Meals, Eats for Free purchase Rewards Program, the “FSC” commitment and also the mascots “Hetti’ and “Jolly Bee” all contribute to Jollibee’s success in becoming a market leader and revolutionising the fast food industry in Philippines. This proves that Jollibee’s corporate branding efforts are intentional declarations of the firm, what she believes and why customers should have faith in her products. Jollibee is established as the most popular fast-food company amongst all generations in the Philippines with its good corporate image. Jollibee was able to sell its products at a lower price to its competitors and also tailor its menu to capture the Filipino’s taste buds. 1.3.2: Operations and Service

Jollibee gained...
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