Jokn Hale

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  • Published: February 1, 2013
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What would you do if at the sign of your name hundreds of people were thrown in jail or hung? Well that is what Reverend John Hale has to ask himself as he has the heaviest burden to carry. In Arthur Miller’s,The Crucible, John Hale is man so sure of himself at first becomes a very broken man while dealing with the accusations in Salem.

When John Hale first arrives in Salem he is very over confident and conceited about his knowledge in witchcraft. Reverend Hale is described as a "tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual."(1146) This shows that not only does he know he is a smart man but he looks like a intellectual man. When Rev. Paris comes to help Rev. Hale carry his books he tells him that they are heavy. Reverend Hale responds by saying “They must be; they are they weighted with authority.”(1149) To Hale the books aren’t heavy because they are full with pages but because he knows and understands the knowledge in the books. At first, he seems very arrogant and quickly puts himself into the middle of the action to show himself as the superior he thinks is truly is. As he starts his business in Salem, the towns' people begin to trust him because of his reputation for being a man of God and because of his sense of expertise on the subject of evil. With Hale feeding off the trust the people have for him he can really show that he knows a lot and that they are ignorant of pretty much everything. Reverend Hale jumps at the opportunity to investigate the possible witch craft in Salem. He is of course very confident in his skills and gets the chance to prove to himself and to the people of Salem that he is for sure a man of God and that he knows what he is doing while he studies the girls. As people begin to confess and call the names of potential witches Hale gets excited about what he has discovered and that he did all by himself. This shows that Hale is so excited and happy that he was able to discover witchcraft in such a religious town that he does not realize that people could just be talking. Reverend Hale, a conceited and overly confident man in the beginning of the story is now becoming a self-conscious and humble man. As Hale’s investigation continues,he becomes less excited about the witchcraft and begins questioning if it is all real. This shows when he goes to the Proctor’s home without the courts knowledge to see if the Proctors are christian people or if they deserve to be tried. Hale might feel that he owes them the benefit of the doubt because they really did seem like good people. During his visit with the Proctors, John Proctor tells Hale that if he knew he were going to hang wouldn’t he pretend to be a witch. Hale responds by saying “I have.I- I have indeed.”(1173) By Hale responding this way it shows that has indeed thought about the possibility that the accused “witches” could be lying just to save themselves from being hung. That would make one think that maybe Hale has thought that all along,or he was very oblivious to the fact that people were lying. As he continues to investigate in the Proctors home he concludes that they are christians and they are good people. When Cheever and his men come to arrest Goody Proctor for sticking a needle in Abigail Williams’ stomach (which supposedly was done through a poppet) Hale really begins to doubt if Abby is telling the truth. When he finds out that Goody Nurse and Martha Corey were arrested he really begins to question the truthfulness of the whole ordeal . As Goody Proctor is being taken away he tells the Proctors that he will testify in court on Goody Proctor’s behalf. This shows that Hale feels very horrible about what he has possibly caused. He seems to be showing a side of himself that may not have ever seen before because of his high prestige. Hale is starting to change and is starting to see the wrong in Salem. Hale in the 3rd and 4th act is no longer questioning the lies in Salem he knows they are lies. He begins...
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